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WP Fusion connects your Wordpress website to your CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) through Tag Synching for Marketing Automation Friendliness.

Website: WP Fusion | Marketing Automation for WordPress
Features: Features | WP Fusion
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Documentation: Documentation | WP Fusion
Syncing User Meta Fields with CRM Contact Fields: Syncing Contact Fields | WP Fusion
Restring Access to Content: Restricting Access to Content | WP Fusion
Tracking User Activity: Tracking User Activity | WP Fusion
CRM Compatibility Table: CRM Compatibility | WP Fusion
Changelog: Changelog | WP Fusion
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  1. WP Fusion Wordpress Plugin v3.36.3

    3.36.3 - 1/13/2020 Added First Name and Last Name fields for sync with Intercom Added Restrict...
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