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WPML’s Media Translation module allows you to translate images and other media when using the Translation Management plugin. You will be able to provide replacement images for content in different languages and translate the meta texts of those images.

When to Use WPML Media Translation
Use WPML’s Media Translation when:
  1. You are using Translation Management.
  2. You need to show different images for translations.
Some of your content may include images containing text (i.e., screenshots of user interface items) that must be presented in different languages.

This page includes a large screenshot that contains text. When we translate this page into Spanish, we want to include a screenshot of the WordPress admin, where the text included in that image is in Spanish.

The Media Translation plugin allows you to upload “replacement” images for different translations. In this manner, you can translate the texts on the page using WPML’s Translation Management and provide replacement images for those images the text of which requires translation.

When you need to show images with content that you translated using WPML’s Translation Management, you should never edit that content manually using the WordPress “post editor.” If you do, your edits will be lost the next time you update this content using Translation Management

Latest updates

  1. WPML Media Translation Addon v2.6.3

    Fixes [wpmlmedia-638] Fixed automatic translation of `audio` and `video` media elements
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