[XenGenTr] Haber Akışı Eklentisi - XenForo News Ticker

Add-ons [XenGenTr] Haber Akışı Eklentisi - XenForo News Ticker 1.0.0

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Features of the Plugin
  • Ability to open and close
  • Determining the number of topics to show
  • Show or show topics with a prefix
  • Show or show topic dates
  • Show or show view counts
  • Fade, Slide, typing animation types
  • 4 different news feed themes specific to the news feed
  • News holding time
  • News feed topic speed duration
  • Control button customizations
  • progressbar feature
  • Ability to select 1 or more forums to be notified
  • Ability to add unlimited private news feeds
  • Show or hide any group based on user permissions
  • To be able to choose the color you want according to your theme with theme features

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