XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration

XF2 Add-on XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration Extra

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  • Fixed some reported errors, editing and personalization
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  • When posting messages to Discord, their rate limits only allow 5 posts per second. So if XenRio tried to post new streams, and there were more than 5 streams, many streams would get lost. I've added a small delay per post, so that all streams get posted.
  • Over time, the cached data for connected accounts gets lost. This is EXPECTED BEHAVIOR, as outlined by XenForo staff here. However, because of a bug, instead of showing "unknown account" or "account associated", this addon's connected account would show an empty #. This bug is now fixed and will instead show "account associated", in order to prevent confusion.
  • Because of the confusion caused by the bug above, some intrepid admins felt the need to go into their databases and try to manually fix the missing information. In the process, they may have ended up deleting entries from the connected accounts table. Doing so, actually ends up breaking XenForo's connected account system and makes it impossible for the user to disassociate their account from Discord. In response to this, I have implemented a workaround that will force a cache reset and disassociate the account properly.
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