• Added Odysee as a service. I dont know why, but thumbnails can not be fetched for some videos. I don't understand what determines when a thumbnail can and can't be fetched. For instance, I had no problems fetching thumbnails for LotusEaters videos, but I couldn't get anything from SaltyCracker.
  • Added some checks so that if a thumbnail fetch fails, it does not error out and simply sets the default thumbnail.
  • Updated the addon to be compatible with the PCRE changes in the most recent version of PHP. It will still work with the older versions of PHP without issues.
  • You can now edit user groups when creating a media category.
  • If you are already running without any issues; you don't need to download this update. All this update does is a small fix in the setup file, for NEW installs. If you were running a previous version, and upgraded to, this update does not affect you
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