• More major updates to the front portal. Make sure to check your style properties as a lot of settings have changed.
  • There are now easy options to hide the majority of article elements in case you wish to make an image based grid. Disabling expanded article elements will place some article attribution data into the image header. If you do want to use an image grid, you should make your Masonry baseline height and Article image header height equal. You should also increase the padding on the article header title.
  • Fixed a bug where youtube videos would expand outside of a grid element.
  • Fixed a bug where the grid would add horizontal scroll bars at smaller viewports.
  • The feature slider has been redesigned a bit and will now gracefully extend beyond the image widths on fluid layouts.
  • The XenMedio specific style properties have been moved to XenMedio. If you lose access to the style property for it, install the most recent version of XenMedio, or rebuild XenMedio if you have it already installed.
This update redesigns some of the styles of the default portal page. Check your style properties.
  • You can now define fixed width heights of your message bodies on the articles list.
    • If you use fixed widths, the addon will automatically disable the masonry library.
    • If you use image headers, the message body height will be automatically adjusted.
  • You can now choose to display a simpler "continue" button for the articles list.
  • Promoting a thread will now hide attachments which can not be used as header images.
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