Compatible XF Versions
2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2
Visible Branding
  • New form row/element macros:
    • FA picker
    • Date and time input
    • Duration input
    • Enhanced color picker with JS callback support upon color selection
  • Extension of node entity/repository in order to always retrieve LastPoster information as entity along node
  • Extension of XF services:
    • Thread creator: new function to allow definition of the poster
    • Thread replier: new function to allow definition of the poster
  • PayPal Adaptive payment solution with adequate xF services
  • Finder trait to allow where condition removal

Latest updates

  1. Changes to template macros

    Modifications Added callback parameter capability to color picker form template macro Added...
  2. Bug fix

    Corrected bugs: Reverted payment profiles template change
  3. Update of FA picker

    New features: Font awesome picker updated to support icons up to FA 5.10.1 (more than hundred...
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