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A membermap based on XenForo user location field with opt-in.


  • Membermap based on Google Maps Geocode, JavaScript and Staticmap API
  • The map use the default XenForo location field with OptIn for every user
  • Permissions and map markers per user group
  • Map marker clustering
  • Choose between 4 different map types (Roadmap, Hybrid, Terrain and Satellite)
  • Default map coordinates and zoom in options
  • Enable/Disable POI on membermap
  • Enable/Disable clustering on membermap
  • Checking if Api key is valid/available when entering in options
  • Minimize the api calls
  • Static mini map per user in account an as widget available
  • 3 different widgets are available (Stats, Legend and Minimap (User based))
  • Ignored user hidden on map
  • Logs in ACP per Api call with response in detail view
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Latest updates

  1. Update to 1.0.2

    Fixed issues: error when merge users js error when lat/lng more then 3 decimal numbers...
  2. Update to v1.0.1 RC4

    Fixed issue with api key validation. Added OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier Added option for map...
  3. Update to v1.0.1 RC3

    Fixed: Issue during Rebuilding MapData Delete locationData and minimap if: delete user change...
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