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XF2 Add-on Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.7.3

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XenForo submitted a new resource:

Advanced Bb Codes Pack - Accordion, tabs, and more

Supports the following general bb-codes:
  • abbr
  • accordion
  • article
  • bimg
  • encadre
  • gview
  • latex
  • slider
  • xtable (TinyQuattro compatible, much more advanced than XF2.1 built-in version)
  • tabs
  • time
  • justify
  • sub
  • sup
  • hr (can be a self-closing tag)
  • h1
  • h2
  • h3
  • h4
Compatibility shim
  • spoilerbb rewrites to XF native...

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XenForo updated Advanced Bb Codes Pack with a new update entry:

1.7.3 - Bugfix update

Fix Word-counter
  • Work-around minifier bug which doesn't support unicode regex correctly
  • Restore support for browsers without unicode regex
1.7.2 - Maintenance update
  • Update editor word counter to better match Word Count Search & Post Friction add-ons, which should result in vastly less word-count overestimation
1.7.1 - Bugfix update
  • Fix double escaping of accordion/tabs/slider title due to unexpected type casting

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