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XenForo submitted a new resource:

[WMTech] Time Spent Online - Show the total time members have used your forum

Record members' total time spent online, and add it to their member profiles.

  • Profile. Show member's total time online on their account profile.
  • Permissions.
    • Set who can view it.
    • Set who can hide it.
  • User option. Members can select if they want it shown (same way as for "last active").
  • Promotions. Can be used as a...

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XenForo updated [WMTech] Time Spent Online with a new update entry:

v2.0.2: Bugfix & New Features Version

Bug Fix & New Feature Release

This upgrade is recommended for all customers.


FIX: Fixed bug with phrases
FIX: Cleaned some code
FIX: Removed unused orphaned template
FIX: Removed unnecessary controller extension
FIX: Added default permissions to setup routine

What's New?
  • Added 2 new permissions (View Only Own TSO, Bypass TSO Privacy)
  • Rephrased some phrases to better understand the time values
  • Member who hide...

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