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Most of us not connect the server with the database provide by the addon, the server and the addon need to connect on the same database, that's how i make the server side online.i found out that we cannot use other xbt_tracker e.g from github binary it cannot run with the database we setup with addon,i still trying to figure why is that, it's seems like the xbt binary from github missing config name.

WARNING: MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
unknown config name: cheat_system
unknown config name: cloudfare
unknown config name: download_multiplier
unknown config name: freeleech
unknown config name: global_multiplier
unknown config name: read_db_files_interval
unknown config name: read_db_users_interval
unknown config name: seedbonus
unknown config name: seedbonus_interval
unknown config name: upload_multiplier
Unknown column 'tid' in 'field list'
select tid, uid, active, completed, downloaded, `left`, uploaded from xftt_peer where 0
Hello! Have you found a solution to this? Just got the same error

Solved after reinstalling my server
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