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While creating post and product archive pages, there is no way you can do without filters. An ability to filter WooCommerce products by different criteria, apply several criteria at once for the custom posts or products, is the magic key that allows the visitors find the necessary information, or make a choice towards one of the products and make a purchase.

The easier and faster the visitor can apply the filters, the more likely he is to find what he’s looking for. Just remember, how frustrating it is to click the specific filter to show the products, e.g., within the set price range, and when you have to wait until the page reloads with the needed results? And what happens when you need to apply more than several filters to find what you’re looking for?

The Set Of Easy-To-Use Versatile AJAX Filters To Apply For Custom Posts, Terms And WooCommerce Products.
JetSmartFilters | Crocoblock
7 Smart Filter Variations
Discover a much faster way to filter the products and publications without refreshing the page

Radio Filter

Date Range Filter

Search Filter
Active Filters
Range Filter
Checkbox Filters
Check Range Filter


The visitors won’t have to wait until the page loads to view the products or posts they need.

Works with JetWooBuilder and JetEngine
Use the JetSmartFilters functionality to easily add filters to listings and shop pages.

Use Several Filters at Once
Allow selecting one of the filters or applying several of them if there is a need to combine them

Latest updates

  1. JetSmartFilters v2.2.2

    ## 2.2.2 * UPD: Range Filter * FIX: Grouped Filters styles * FIX: Minor bugs
  2. JetSmartFilters v2.2.0

    ## 2.2.0 * ADD: URL Structure Settings (Plain/Permalink) * ADD: JetTabs ajax load template...
  3. JetSmartFilters v2.1.1

    v2.1.1 * ADD: Hide filter label if all items is hidden * ADD: Localized data extra_props *...
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