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Add-ons Standard Library by Xon 1.20.1

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Compatible XF Versions
1.2 , 2.2
Visible Branding
A number of helper utilities designed to ease add-on development, does not have any direct user-facing changes.
  • Uploaded to the resource manager to aid dependency tracking and allow updating without updating every individual add-on
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Standard Library by Xon 1.20.1

    Fix \SV\StandardLib\Helper::repo()->aliasClass() had a compatibility issue with XF2.2.13+ when...
  2. Standard Library by Xon 1.20.0

    Require php 7.2+ php 8.4+ compatibility fix Improve custom AJAX pagination and AJAX pagination...
  3. Standard Library by Xon 1.19.5

    Fix Helper::find() and Helper::findCached() assumed entity ids are only ints (can be...
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